Can I uninstall WD Drive Utilities?

What is WD Drive Utilities do?

WD Drive Utilities lets you configure, manage, and diagnose your Western Digital external drives. The interface is simple to use. You can scan for errors as well as check for increases in temperature, noise, or read and write errors, which can all be signs of a failing hard drive.

How do I uninstall WD My Passport software?

Answer: A: I HAVE THE ANSWER! To uninstall Smartware, you go into your applications folder. There is a standalone app called Smartware Uninstaller.

How do I uninstall WD Sync?

WD Sync Uninstaller ver

  1. Select Uninstall and click on the Uninstall button.
  2. Type my password when prompted.
  3. The uninstall process seems to start but ends with the following: Uninstalling WD Sync. Installation cancelled.

What is WD Drive Utilities Mac?

WD Drive Utilities software allows you to configure, manage, and diagnose your WD drive. With WD Drive Utilities, you can. Run drive diagnostics. Manage RAID configuration (For RAID supported models) Erase and format drive.

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How do I connect my WD external hard drive to my PC?

Method 3.

  1. Connect the WD external hard drive to your PC > Right-click on This PC > Manage > Disk Management.
  2. Find and right-click on WD external hard drive > Select Format volume…
  3. Reset the WD external hard drive letter and file system (NTFS) and save all changes.

Does WD My Passport work with Windows 10?

Generally, the WD My Passport external hard drive is compatible with the Windows 10 OS. However, make sure that your Windows 10 OS is up-to-date before you begin the installation process. Now, let’s see how to install the WD My Passport on Windows 10 for the first time.

Can I delete WD App Manager?

Or the WDAppManager.exe was installed using the Windows Installer then to uninstall it Go to System Settings and open Add Or Remove Programs Option. … Then click on it and select the Uninstall Program option to remove WDAppManager.exe file from your computer.

What is WD Security for Windows?

Description. This installer – WD Drive Utilities and WD Security, are contained within the WD Drive Utilities and the WD Security zip files and installs custom Western Digital software for WD USB and FireWire enabled external hard drives under Macintosh computers.

How do I get rid of WD Unlocker?

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  1. Press Windows logo + X keys on the keyboard and select Disk management from the context menu.
  2. Right click on the drive to format, select Format from the context menu, click on OK and wait for the drive to be formatted.
  3. After the formatting is complete, right click on the drive and select Delete.
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What is WD Sync service?

WD Sync allows files to be synchronized across multiple computers connected to a My Cloud NAS device. Adding, deleting or modifying files in one location will lead to the same changes in the other locations. … ◈ WD Sync displays “No Storage Devices Found” or “My Cloud Not Seen”.

How do I get rid of my cloud?

How do I delete my myCloud account?

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Open your settings.
  3. Click on “Delete my myCloud account” located under “Leave myCloud”.
  4. Enter in your name for confirmation.

How do I remove WD sync from my Mac?

Switch to the Finder again and select Go -> Applications from the Finder menu. Find the WD Drive Utilities icon, right-click on it and select Move to Trash.

Is a WD Passport compatible with Mac?

Just like on Windows, your WD Passport can be used on your Mac too. You just have to format it, and you’ll explore the numerous ways you can do that right here.

Is WD hard drive compatible with Mac?

A Western Digital external hard drive can be used on both Windows and Mac OSX. This is useful if a drive is being used under both Operating System (OS)to move files between the two environments. Most WD Drives come formatted in the NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (Mac) format.

What is WD Discovery and do I need it?

WD Discovery™ is software that helps you to manage certain WD™ products, such as My Passport™, My Book™, My Book Duo™, and My Cloud Home™ devices. … Please download WD Discovery if you need the following features: Configuring RAID settings (for My Book Duo) Importing files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

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