Can you mix hard drive size RAID 5?

Can RAID 5 use different size drives?

Yes, in a RAID5 array the smallest physical volume (disk or partition) will define the size of the array, so any extra space on larger volumes in the array is not used. You should not see any issues with drives of different speeds other than the fact the the slower drive(s) will reduce average performance.

Can you set up RAID with different size hard drives?

You can always mix drive sizes in RAID. And in plain RAID you always get the smallest common size from all drives. So in your case, each drive use 4TB. If you added one 1TB drive, all the drives would act as 1TB drives.

Do hard drives have to be the same size for RAID?

In a RAID 1 configuration, the size of target disk must be greater or equal to the one of the source disk. Therefore the capacity of the array will be same as the one of the smallest size in the group. The only exception is a spanned volume.

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Can you mix SSD with RAID 5 HDD?

Do not mix SSDs and HDDs within the same disk array. A disk array must only contain SSDs or HDDs. … It is preferred that SSDs be protected by RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, or by system mirroring.

Can you RAID 5 with 2 drives?

You can indeed run a RAID 5 with only two drives but it’s degraded and a single bit failure on either drive will bring down that RAID. Dell calls this a RAID Puncture and the only recovery is to restore from backup.

Which is faster RAID 5 or RAID 6?

In general, RAID 6 offers greater data protection and fault tolerance than RAID 5, but at the same time, it’s write performance is slower than RAID 5 because of double parity, though the read operations are equally fast.

Can RAID 6 use different size drives?

Honorable. It can be done, however the raid size is restricted to the smallest drive in the array. It’s generally frowned upon to use different drive types, let alone sizes for RAID, but it can be done if you don’t mind sacrificing the extra space on your larger drive to do it.

Can you RAID 2 different speed hard drives?

You can do it, although the slower drive would be the speed limit of the array, but you also may run into stability issues. In other words, possible but not to be recommended.

Can you RAID two different hard drives?

You can run different size and speed drives in a RAID configuration. However, the performance will be limited to the smallest and slowest drive. RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives.

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Can RAID 10 use different size drives?

You can however use the excess space in another array, if the excess space is the same size or larger as the additional array. So in short, yes, you are correct: Only half the space on the 2TB disks will be used.

Can you raid 10 with 6 drives?

Raid 10 over 6 drives can lose 2 of the right/wrong drives and you can be out 100% of your data in a worst case. Or the Raid 10 can lose 3 drives and still function.

What is faster RAID 1 or RAID 5?

Raid 1 has a relatively slow write speed, slower than using a single disk. RAID 5 has a write speed much faster than a single disk, but lags slightly due to the need for creating parity data. RAID 1 has a higher write penalty as it has to write a copy of all data for every additional disk present.