Frequent question: How many DVDs fit Gnedby?

How many DVDs fit in a Gnedby?

Holds 180 CDs, 88 DVDs or 40 video cassettes.

How many DVDs fit in a Billy bookcase?

Each shelf on mine holds about 59 blu rays, give or take, with 6 shelves. You could probably fit two extra shelves on there as well.

How many Blu Rays fit on a shelf?

About six DVDs or eight Blu-rays will fit on each shelf, depending on the packaging, resulting in an attractive stack of media that fits in a slim space.

How many shelves can a Billy bookcase hold?

BILLY bookcase 80×202cm, depth 28cm. Max load/shelf 30kg. This furniture must be fixed to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener. For very heavy books we recommend the 40cm wide bookcase.

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