How do I install Steam games on a second hard drive?

Can you have Steam on 2 hard drives?

You can create multiple ‘game libraries’ in Steam, each one going in a different location on your computer, in your case, 2 different hard disks. Steam > Settings > Downloads tab > Click ‘Steam library folders’ button. Next time you download a game you can choose where to put it.

How do I install Steam games on a different drive?

Navigate to your Steam client ‘Settings’ menu. Select ‘Steam Library Folders‘ from the ‘Downloads’ tab. From here, you can view your default installation path, as well as creating a new path by selecting ‘Add Library Folder’. Once you have created the new path, all future installations can be installed there.

Does uninstalling Steam delete games?

Uninstalling Steam from your PC will remove not only Steam, but also all your games, downloadable content, and save files. You can make a backup of the games content first, as it will be removed during uninstallation.

Can you split Steam library?

Steam allows you to have multiple libraries, across multiple hard disks. You can add new libraries by going to Steam->Settings->Downloads, and choosing the first option on the right: Steam Library Folders.

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Can I move my entire Steam folder to another drive?

Launch Steam client, and locate to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder. Select a different drive to create a new folder. … Click Move Install Folder under the Local Files tab. Then click Move Folder to move Steam games to another drive.

Can you install Steam games on external hard drive?

The good news is that you can run your Steam library from virtually any external drive. You’ll probably be best avoiding a USB flash drive, but a USB HDD or SSD will be just fine. The limitations on performance will be the same as on an internal drive. The faster the drive the faster the loading times will be.

How do I move a Steam game to another drive without downloading?

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download Steam Mover and start it up. …
  2. At the top of the window, select the folder where your game currently resides on the left. …
  3. Select your game from the list and click the blue arrow at the bottom.
  4. Steam Mover will bring up a black command prompt window that shows you the progress of the copy.

Why do my Steam games keep uninstalling themselves?

Games may appear uninstalled when Steam no longer recognizes the installation files. As long as the affected game’s folder is still in the proper location, attempting to launch the game will prompt a download. This will allow Steam to recognize the installation files during the download process.

What happens if you uninstall a paid game on Steam?

Once you uninstall a Steam game, it won’t be playable until you reinstall it. Some games, especially if they’re new, take up a tremendous amount of space on your computer — uninstalling a game will free up that space.

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How do I completely uninstall a game from Steam?

Right-click the game you want to uninstall in your library, and click Uninstall from the drop-down menu. You’ll receive a confirmation window prior to deletion. Steam will confirm with you whether you want to completely delete the game.