Quick Answer: How much info can a blu ray store?

Can you store data on Blu-Ray?

Blu-ray disc Overview

Blu-ray discs are read with a blue laser. This is in contrast to CDs and DVDs which are read with a red laser. … This means that more data can be recorded using the same surface area with a Blu-ray disc than with the other optical disc formats. As a result a standard Blu-ray can store 25 GB.

How much more information can be stored on a Blu-Ray then a DVD?

The advantage to Blu-ray is the sheer amount of information it can hold: A single-layer Blu-ray disc, which is roughly the same size as a DVD, can hold up to 27 GB of data — that’s more than two hours of high-definition video or about 13 hours of standard video.

How do blu-ray discs hold so much data?

It is mainly because the density for the recorded information on the disc is higher which is resulted in that Blu-ray disc uses blu-violet laser to read and write data. The pits and lands on a Blu-ray disc are packed together at a microscopic level so that it can store much data.

How long does Blu-ray data last?


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Media Estimated Lifespan
Floppy disk 10-20 years
CDs and DVDs 5-10 unrecorded, 2-5 recorded
Blu-Ray Not certain, probably over 2-5 recorded
M-Disc 1,000 years (theoretically)

How reliable are Blu-ray?

The lifespan of Blu-ray Discs is more than 50 years, and they are robust against temperature changes and water damage. These are major advantages when it comes to long-term, reliable data storage.

Is DVD better than Blu-Ray?

Blu-Ray has been designed to hold 5 times more information than DVDs, as single layer discs can hold up to 25GB, and double layer discs are capable of up to 50GB of information. Bluray discs are therefore formatted to have High Definition 1080p picture, whereas DVDs deliver only standard quality images.

How many hours can a blu ray disc hold?

On average, a 25GB Blu-ray disc can hold 135 minutes of HD video using MPEG-2 compression format plus 2 hours of bonus material in standard definition quality or 10 hours of standard definition video. A 50GB Blu-ray disc can store approximately 3 hours of HD video plus 9 hours of standard definition bonus material.

How many GB is a Blu Ray movie?

Conventional or pre-BD-XL Blu-ray Discs contain 25 GB per layer, with dual-layer discs (50 GB) being the industry standard for feature-length video discs. Triple-layer discs (100 GB) and quadruple-layer discs (128 GB) are available for BD-XL re-writer drives.

How many times can you play a Blu Ray?

The higher quality discs will have a longer life than lower quality discs. As you said some websites state that a Blu-Ray RW disc can be rewritten between 100 to 1000 times. Once again, this number is dependent upon the disc and the care that is taken with the disc.

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