What does WD mean in law?

What is WD full form?

Western Digital (WD) is a hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.

What does or stand for in law?

short for “own recognizance,” meaning the judge allowed a person accused in a criminal case to go free pending trial without posting bail. A person so released is often referred to as having been “OR-ed.” O.S.C. n.

What does W D mean on bank statement?

A descriptive withdrawal is a withdrawal on a bank statement that indicates an automatic, electronic withdrawal of cash from an account that’s simply labeled “Descriptive Withdrawal.” There is rarely more information on the bank statement, which naturally causes confusion for account holders.

What does WD mean in a house?

W — Window or washer. WD — Window.

What does WD stand for in golf?

WD designates that a players Handicap has been withdrawn by the Handicap Committee. The committee must withdraw the Handicap Index of a player who repeatedly fails to meet the player responsibilities under the USGA Handicap System.

What WD means in finance?

Used in stock and bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate that a security is trading on a when-distributed basis: ColgP wd.

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What is WD marketing?

Water Distribution. Softwares. Awareness Raising. Social Marketing (WD)

What are the 7 types of law?

Terms in this set (7)

  • The Constitution. supreme body of laws that govern our country.
  • Statutory law. written or codified law such as legislative acts, declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something.
  • Common or Case Law. …
  • Civil Law (Private law) …
  • Criminal Law. …
  • Equity Law. …
  • Administrative Law.

What does POC mean in legal terms?


Acronym Definition
POC Point of Commencement (legal description)
POC Portable Object Compiler
POC Polar Cod (FAO species name code )
POC Point of Call

What did law stand for?

Acronym. Definition. LAW. Love and Wisdom (band)