What is WD purple used for?

Is it OK to use WD Purple in desktop?

I wouldn’t use the WD purple in a PC, specially as a main boot disk, since you will get errors and might lose bit of data that might not be relevant on a surveillance device. I might use it as secondary drive for storage or backup. Also the WD purple might not go to sleep like regular desktop and NAS disk.

How long does a WD Purple drive last?

The WD Purple drive has a three year warranty, and MTBF rating of 1.5 million hours. So the NAS drive is warranted to last longer but is less reliable than the WD Purple 18TB.

Is WD Purple better than blue?

Comparison Between The Two Hard Drive Types: WD Blue vs WD Purple. In essence, the differentiating features of the two types of hard drives would be that the WD Blue is intended for the basic desktop applications, while the WD Purple is best suited for the 24-hour functionality.

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Is WD Purple good for NAS?

If your NAS is going to be dedicated to recording video from your IP cam, the WD purple would work just fine. The Purple is “Optimized” for recording Video. … The Purple is “Optimized” for recording Video. (Writing data) A Network Video Recorder is basically a NAS for video and the WD Purple is used in those.

What is a purple drive?

Today, the company unveiled its WD Purple drives: A class of hard drives that WD says is optimized for mainstream video-surveillance applications. … The drives are designed to be installed in table-top surveillance systems with 1 to 8 drive bays that support 1 to 32 IP surveillance cameras.

Is Western Digital Red good for gaming?

As for the WD Red drive, you’re right – it is designed for RAID/NAS configurations and it’s not recommended to be used as a general purpose or gaming drive. You could use the WD Red or the WD Green drive if you’re looking for a cool and quite HDD (even though their designed mainly for other purposes).

Is WD Purple SMR?

Both NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives—Seagate’s Ironwolf Pro and Western Digital’s Red Pro—are CMR drives and not the more performance-problematic SMR technology. Western Digital’s announcement of the 18TB Purple did not mention either SMR or CMR at all, which we must assume means it is an SMR drive.

What is special about surveillance hard drives?

Surveillance drives such as Seagate’s SkyHawk are a subset of hard drives built to process large volumes of data from high definition cameras as accurately as possible while still focusing on maximizing the drive’s lifespan and power consumption with 24/7 read/write recording setups in mind.

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How long does a CCTV hard drive last?

Improve reliability and reduce cost by protecting your CCTV hard drive. A typical mechanical hard drive will last on average 3 to 4 years however it is often the case with hard drives used in CCTV recorders for their life to be significantly shorter.

How long do WD Blue drives last?

The hard drive should at least be good for as long as the warranty period. Sometimes hard drives fail before the warranty period but most are good for at least 3 years with normal use.

Is WD Blue reliable?


Our entry-level PC hard disk drive (HDD) delivers solid performance and reliability for everyday computing. Providing a massive 6TB1 of storage with a wide range offered in 2.5” and 3.5” form factors, it’s an ideal combination of speed and capacity, which is perfect for all your creative projects.

Do you need WD Red for NAS?

– Reliability: The always-on environment of a NAS or RAID is a hot one. And desktop drives aren’t typically designed and tested in those conditions. WD Red is. – Error recovery Controls: WD Red NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID error recovery control to help reduce failures within the NAS system.

Can you use a surveillance hard drive in a NAS?

Yes, they will work fine. Many surveillance rigs have more than one drive in them in a RAID configuration anyway. Note that surveillance drives are not going to be as proformant in a NAS as drives configured specifically for NAS use.

How long does WD Red last?

Even though WD certifies drives in the Red series to last at least 600,000 load cycles (in controlled environments), consider that the disks above were used in a home NAS, where they spent approximately two-thirds of the time in standby.

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