Best answer: Is WD Green any good?

Which one is better WD Green or WD Blue?

This article covers the WD Blue vs Green SSD only.

Key Technical Differences: Western Digital Green vs Blue SSD.

Specification Compared WD Blue SSD WD Green SSD
Sequential Read Speed 545 MB/s 545 MB/s
Form Factor 2.5 inch 2.5 inch
Interface Speed 6 Gb/s 6 Gb/s
Warranty Period 3 years 3 years

Is WD Green fast?

Green isn’t as fast as its Blue or Black sibling, but it is more quiet, runs cooler and consumes less power. Speed: Running at a fixed 5,400 RPM, Western Digital Caviar Green’s read and write speeds are both in the 110+ MB/s range… making it slower than Blue and Black when transferring large files.

Is WD Green discontinued?

WD is abandoning its Green drive branding, moving the Green drive product line into the Blue brand so as to have a single mainstream PC brand. The WD Blue drives are 3.5-inch jobs designed for desktop and all-in-one PCs with capacity running up to 6TB.

What are WD Green drives for?

WD Green is designed for everyday light computing tasks, the WD Green family of solid state drives deliver the reliability and value customers like students and casual home users are looking for. Built with reliable, fast solid state technology that’s durable and has low power consumption.

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How do I know if my WD SSD is genuine?

Check the date of import and mfg date if they show difference of 6 months or more check R/N is same on sticker and pcb. Fake ones have no same r/n numbers. So if you got drive without WD logo don’t say straight away it’s fake as WD uses different prints from different region.

Which is better WD blue or purple?

Comparison Between The Two Hard Drive Types: WD Blue vs WD Purple. In essence, the differentiating features of the two types of hard drives would be that the WD Blue is intended for the basic desktop applications, while the WD Purple is best suited for the 24-hour functionality.

Does WD own SanDisk?

Western Digital buys SanDisk on Oct. 21, 2015, hard-disk drive maker Western Digital Corporation agreed to buy SanDisk for a total equity value of $19 billion in cash and stock. Why WD did that?

What is WD Discovery?

Description. WD Discovery allows you to download and keep up to date other WD Apps such as WD Security app, WD Backup and WD Drive Utilities, and learn about software from WD partners.