How do I connect my Panasonic DVD player to my remote?

How do I reset my Panasonic DVD remote?

Press the Functions menu button on the remote control, and when the menu appears, select Others and press OK. Then select Set Up and press OK. Select To Others and press the right hand arrow on the circle pad. Then select Initialize and press OK.

How can I control my DVD player without a remote?

If you can’t find your DVD player or Blu-ray player remote control, or it has stopped working, don’t despair. You can often still play media using buttons on the device itself. You can also use a universal remote or, with some models, a smart phone app to control the player.

Can I use my phone to control my DVD player?

Power Universal Remote Control is an application that turns your Android mobile device into a remote control for a DVD. To do this, it is extremely important that your Android phone or tablet has an infrared port.

Why is my remote not working Panasonic?

To reset your remote to the manufacturer’s setting, please follow the procedure outlined below: Remove a battery from the remote and press a button to discharge the remote entirely. Reinsert the battery – the LED should blink twice. Press the digits 2 and 8 simultaneously within 6 seconds – the LED should blink twice.

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Why does my DVD remote not work?

Replace the batteries in the remote. By far the most common cause of a remote that loses functionality is that the batteries have simply gone dead. Remove the remote’s batteries and replace them to see if this restores the remote.

How do you reset a DVD player?

On the DVD remote control, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW button to select the SETUP icon. Press the ENTER button. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW button to select RESET . Press the ENTER button.

Can you control DVD player with iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, you can make use of the following Apps to turn iPhone into Universal Remote Control. Next Guide Remote by Dijit: Next Guide Remote by Dijit is an app that allows you to control TV, DVD players, Xbox and many more devices from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

Do universal remotes work for DVD players?

Can a universal remote control be programmed to operate a Blu-ray Disc player? The DVD button on recently-manufactured Sony® universal remote controls can be programmed to control Blu-ray Disc® players. It may be possible to use this same button on non-Sony remote controls as well.

How do I watch movies on my LG DVD player without the remote?

Part 4: Play DVD on Computer for Free

  1. Step 1: Insert your DVD disc into your computer’s DVD drive.
  2. Step 2: Download the media player from it’s official website, and then install it on your computer. …
  3. Step 3: Once the DVD is loaded, you should be able to play the DVD movie instantly.
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