You asked: Why is my SSD full with nothing on it?

Why is my SSD so full for no reason?

Uninstall Some Programs. Just as the case has mentioned, the SSD gets full because of the installation of Steam. The easiest way to solve this SSD full for no reason issue is uninstalling some programs.

Can’t find what’s taking up space on SSD?

What’s Eating Up SSD Space

  1. Go to “Start > Settings > Storage”.
  2. In the Storage window, you’ll get a view of the space usage situations on all your drives and partitions as shown in the image below:
  3. Select the SSD, often it includes C drive. Click on it to see what’s taking up the most space on the partition.

How do I fix SSD not full capacity?

The “SSD not showing full capacity” issue can also occur after you upgrade to a larger SSD by cloning the old hard disk.

Or use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to merge the unallocated space into another existing partition (especially the C drive).

  1. Launch this software. …
  2. Tick the unallocated space and click “OK”.

Is it bad to have SSD full?

Don’t Fill Them to Capacity

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You should leave some free space on your solid-state drive or its write performance will slow down dramatically. … When an SSD has a lot of free space, it has a lot of empty blocks. When you go to write a file, it writes that file’s data into the empty blocks.

How do I maximize SSD life?

Top 7 Tips to Get the Most from your SSDs

  1. Enable TRIM. TRIM is essential for keeping SSDs in tip-top shape. …
  2. Don’t Wipe the Drive. …
  3. Update Your Firmware. …
  4. Move Your Cache Folder to a RAM Disk. …
  5. Don’t Fill to Full Capacity. …
  6. Don’t Defrag. …
  7. Don’t Store Large Files.

Why does C drive keeps filling up?

If your C drive is filling up without a reason, it can be due to a malware attack, file system corruption etc. The C drive is usually taken as the System partition on a computer system. … Having some free space in your C drive is essential as it is often needed during a Windows update or upgrade.

Why does C drive show full?

Why is C: drive full? Viruses and malware may keep generating files to fill your system drive. You may have saved large files to C: drive that you are not aware of. … Pages files, previous Windows installation, temporary files, and other system files may have taken up the space of your system partition.

Is Disk Cleanup safe for SSD?

Yes, you can run a typical Windows disk cleanup to delete temporary or junk files without causing any harm to the disk.

How do you fix a disk full problem?

#1. Run Disk Cleanup

  1. Press Windows + R to bring up Windows File Explorer.
  2. Click “This PC”, right-click on C: drive and select “Properties”.
  3. In Disk Cleanup, select the files you want to delete and click “OK”. If Windows installation files (Windows. old folder) show up, check and delete them.
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Why is my C drive full and D drive empty?

The C drive fills up quickly because of improper size allocation, and installing too many programs. Windows is already installed on the C drive. Also, the operating system tends to save files on the C drive by default.

How can I solve C drive full problem?

7 solutions to C drive full in Windows 7, 8, 10

  1. Solution 1. Disable Hibernation.
  2. Solution 2. PerformDisk Cleanup.
  3. Solution 3. Turn off System Restore.
  4. Solution 4. Uninstall some unnecessary programs.
  5. Solution 5. Move Apps from C drive to another larger drive.
  6. Solution 6. Merge unallocated space into C drive.
  7. Solution 7.