Your question: Can I connect WD My Book Live directly to computer?

How do I use my book live as an external hard drive?

Easiest is to use a router.

  1. Plug MyBook into router and allow it to get a DHCP address. …
  2. Login to Administrative website.
  3. Change IP from DHCP to a static IP. ( …
  4. Plug MyBook into your computers LAN port with a CROSSOVER cable.
  5. Set your LAN port’s IP address in the same subnet as the one you gave the MyBook. (

Can you connect WD My Cloud directly to computer?

see less To summarize all the debate below: you CAN connect the My Cloud directly to your computer via Ethernet ONLY. You CANNOT use the USB port; the My Cloud is an intelligent network device, not a dumb* USB drive. As an intelligent network device, it can support additional drives of its own.

How do I connect my WD to my computer?

Plug the Ethernet cable from the device to your computer and wait for about a minute until the activity LED turns blue again. Open Finder (file browser) and in the sidebar you should see your device. Click your device and it will automatically connect.

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How do I get data from my book live?

Steps to recover data from factory reset or hacked WD MyBook devices:

  1. Connect the WD MyBook Live hard drive to a Windows PC using the steps described earlier.
  2. Download and run Stellar Data Recovery Professional software on the system.
  3. Select ‘All Data’ or the specific type of files you wish to recover. Click Next.

Why can’t I see my book live on my network?

So, if you are unable to access it on your network or having some sort of errors or difficulties with the drive, you will have to ensure that you are checking on the firmware version and ensure that you are using the latest firmware for your My Book Live drive to be accessible on your network.

How do I reset my external hard drive book?

The reset button is located directly between the power port and the Ethernet data port. Hold the reset button in, and plug the data cable and the power cable back into the unit. Wait until the lights on the unit light up and then count to 10 before letting go of the unit’s reset button.

How do I transfer files from WD My Cloud to my computer?

How to upload files to your My Cloud

  1. On the Start page, type Computer.
  2. Click Computer.
  3. In the left pane, click Network.
  4. Double-click the My Cloud device and locate the device’s Public folder.
  5. Double-click the Public folder. You can now drag and drop files into (and from) the Public folder using Windows Explorer.
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Can I use WD My Cloud without Internet?

You cannot use the My Cloud without internet access. It requires internet as it authenticates you through the WD servers. If you disconnect from the internet while using it, it will continue to work for up to an hour before your session expires and you lose access to your files.

Why won’t my computer recognize my WD Passport?

Reconnect the WD drive via a new USB hub or to a new PC. If the WD Passport drive shows up, it is the damaged USB hub that stops WD from showing up. If the WD passport is not detected either on your current or the new PC, replace the WD drive with a new one.

How do I connect my WD My Cloud to WIFI?

How do I connect my WD My Cloud to Internet?

  1. Place the WD My Cloud Home near your router.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the My Cloud Home and to a free power outlet.
  3. Connect the network cable to your WD My Cloud Home and your router or modem.
  4. Wait until the white light comes on.

Does WD offer data recovery?

Safe and Reliable WD Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

We can recover data from WD hard drives in all data loss situations, such as hard drive corruption, drive formatting, physical damage, water or fire damage, etc. We ensure complete safety and privacy of your data at all the stages of data recovery process.

How do I setup my WD My Book?

Getting Started with the WD MyBook Drive

  1. Plug in the power supply to the wall/powerbar and to the drive. …
  2. Plug the USB cable between the computer and the drive. …
  3. The drive should now turn on. …
  4. Look for the new hard drive in My Computer. …
  5. Double click on it and then on “WD Apps Setup”.
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