Frequent question: What drive is in WD My Cloud?

Is WD My Cloud SSD or HDD?

Western Digital’s new Black² dual drive puts a 120GB solid state drive (SSD) and a 1TB hard disk drive (HDD) into a simple package that can be used to upgrade notebook PCs, all-in-one systems and small desktops that only have one drive bay.

Is my cloud a NAS drive?

The new My Cloud Home plugs into your router and is accessible not only to all the devices on your home network, but also over the Internet. … As we discovered during our review, this is a not a standard network-attached storage (NAS) device, and might not behave as you expect.

Can I use SSD in WD My Cloud?

Can you use SSD drives? Answer: Yes, any SATA drives can be used.

Can I use WD My Cloud without internet?

You cannot use the My Cloud without internet access. It requires internet as it authenticates you through the WD servers. If you disconnect from the internet while using it, it will continue to work for up to an hour before your session expires and you lose access to your files.

Can I use my cloud as external hard drive?

You CANNOT use the USB port; the My Cloud is an intelligent network device, not a dumb* USB drive. As an intelligent network device, it can support additional drives of its own.

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What’s the difference between my cloud and NAS?

NAS devices provide a much better long-term solution, long-term storage, ready access and enterprise. … On the other hand, cloud services are easy on budget, have greater reliability, strong data protection and lower overall storage costs. They provide a much better and user-friendly infrastructure to manage the data.

Is NAS good for backup?

But a NAS isn’t an ideal backup device. Using RAID 1, a NAS can mirror two hard drives in one box, but you can still fall victim to the mirroring problem. And if it’s stolen or blows up you have lost both backups at once. … If you buy a NAS, you should still back it up to an EHD or cloud service.

How do I repair WD My Cloud?

How to recover data from WD My Cloud Home

  1. Remove the drives from your WD My Cloud Home. …
  2. Connect the removed drive(s) to the computer. …
  3. Install UFS Explorer Professional Recovery on the computer and launch the program. …
  4. Find the WD My Cloud partition holding your data.

Should I upgrade to my cloud os5?

My Cloud OS 5 is a major and fundamental security release that provides an architectural revamp of our older My Cloud firmware and adds new defenses to thwart common classes of attacks. We recommend that all users upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 as soon as possible to benefit from the latest security fixes.

How do I access the cloud on Android?

Access and manage the Cloud from a Galaxy phone or tablet

  1. To access Samsung Cloud on your phone, navigate to and open Settings.
  2. Tap your name at the top of the screen, and then tap Samsung Cloud.
  3. From here, you can view your synced apps, back up additional data, and restore data.
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