How do I register my WD My Book?

How do I register my WD hard drive?

Go to WD support portal and sign in or register an account if you don’t have one. Next, register your product if you haven’t done so when you first purchased it. Once your product is registered, go to WD Product Support and under RMA click “create”. The product that you registered will appear here.

How do I setup my WD My Book?

Getting Started with the WD MyBook Drive

  1. Plug in the power supply to the wall/powerbar and to the drive. …
  2. Plug the USB cable between the computer and the drive. …
  3. The drive should now turn on. …
  4. Look for the new hard drive in My Computer. …
  5. Double click on it and then on “WD Apps Setup”.

How do I get my computer to recognize my WD external hard drive?

Locate and right-click on your WD drive and click Change Drive Letter and Paths…. Click Change. Then select from the drop-down menu to assign a letter and click OK. Restart your computer and check if your WD external hard drive not recognized problem has been solved.

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How do I access my WD My Book?

The way forward to access your My Book Live is:

  1. Open your file browser.
  2. In the Network pane under Storage section, you should see your My Book Live device.
  3. RIGHT click that icon, select Open option.
  4. A file browser will appear, you now should have access to your My Book Live storage.

How do I find my WD hard drive serial number?

Look on the side and bottom of the device for a sticker with a barcode. This sticker has a number labeled either “MDL” or “P/N.” This is your drive’s model number.

How does WD warranty work?

Western Digital may replace your Product with a product that was previously used, repaired and tested to meet Western Digital specifications. … Western Digital warrants that the replaced Products are covered for the remainder of the original Product warranty or 90 days, whichever is greater.

What is a My Book external hard drive?

With a My Book external hard drive, produced by Western Digital, you can store large amounts of digital data, including music, videos and photos. … My Book hard drives use a USB connection, which means that you can connect the hard drive to both PC and Mac computers.

Why is my WD My Book Not working?

The quick fix for this is to turn off and unplug the MyBook, and then give it a few sharp taps around the power button to dislodge it. Once this has been done, plug it back in and start it up again, and hopefully the device will be working. Be sure if you tap the drive that you do so firmly but not violently.

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How do I connect my WD Passport to my computer?

Start Setting Up WD My Passport

  1. Get the USB 3.0 cable provided along with the drive.
  2. Now, turn on your Windows 10 computer.
  3. Plug the USB cable’s one end to the drive and the other end to your computer.
  4. Now, your computer will try to recognize the connected drive.

How do I get my WD Passport to work on Windows?

How To Make WD Passport Work On Mac And Windows

  1. Turn On Your Mac And Log In. …
  2. Look For The External Hard Drive Icon On Your Desktop. …
  3. Choose Your Western Digital My Passport External Drive. …
  4. Give Your External Passport Drive A Name. …
  5. Pick Your My Passport Drive A Second Time. …
  6. Then Select The ExFAT Format.

Why can’t I see my book live on my network?

So, if you are unable to access it on your network or having some sort of errors or difficulties with the drive, you will have to ensure that you are checking on the firmware version and ensure that you are using the latest firmware for your My Book Live drive to be accessible on your network.

How do I reformat my WD My Book hard drive?

Click the Go menu, select Utilities from the drop-down menu, and open Disk Utility. Choose your external drive from the left sidebar, and click Erase. Give your drive a name and select the file system you want from the Format drop-down. Click Erase, and the system will reformat your drive.